Working with a startup! – Nearoo

  Nearoo: Experience your neighborhood. Nearoo is a product of a start based in Pune, Intact Internet Pvt LTD. Nearoo is an Android app that helps you to connect with your neighborhood. Why is Nearoo different? You can know about neighborhood upto 10km radius. You can post your status,share amazing pictures, like them, comment on... Continue Reading →


A Journey Through Nature..

A Journey Through Nature is must in between hectic schedules and tiresome routines. And when you opt for Engineering, you NEED to get yourself out of your room to refresh you mind. When I got out of my room, it was kinda start of rainy season. So it was obvious that I was about to... Continue Reading →

Multi-Tasking Campus Ambassador!

"Campus Ambassador!!" Big word, isn't it? Well it's much bigger than it actually sounds! I was in my first year of engineering when I first heard this word 'Ambassador' and the roles associated with it. And a kind of wind hit my head with the idea of becoming one. Campus Times Pune Ambassador Another day,... Continue Reading →

Finding Peace..

  When you respect nature, it shows you what "Creativity" is! "Good Morning Boss, I request you to grant me 3 days holidays as I wish to have a break from the same tiresome routine.", read his email's first line. But then backspace showed another story. This is a familiar situation, isn't it? Be it students... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

"Who are you? Describe yourself!", was the first question my senior asked me when I was giving interview to be a part of technical team. And blank I went! Complete BLANK! This question can surely scare the hell out of you, when asked in an unfriendly environment and when you aren't prepared with your answer.... Continue Reading →

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