Who Am I?


“Who are you? Describe yourself!”, was the first question my senior asked me when I was giving interview to be a part of technical team. And blank I went! Complete BLANK! This question can surely scare the hell out of you, when asked in an unfriendly environment and when you aren’t prepared with your answer. Who am I? I wondered for about 2-3 seconds and then I muttered something stupid, “I am Shivani and I study in Comp Engineering department…”. That was the moment I realized that, no matter how qualified you are, no matter how good are your grades, your first introduction about yourself is always the first impression at receiver’s end.

Well, this applies to my first blog as well. Ever since I started to think about writing blog, I didn’t realize that it would be so difficult to write the first blog post. So starting with my introduction, I am Shivani, a second year Computer Engineering student studying at Cummins College in Pune, India. Born and brought up in Pune, I belong to typical Marathi family. Completed my school in 2013 from DEMS, college in 2015 from S. P. College and now pursuing degree. Being engineer was my life aim right from 6th std. Hobbies including reading books, writing nano-tales/blogs, music, dance, travelling and photography. Unlike other girls I am straight forward, bubbly, talkative girl with crystal clear emotions and tit-for-tat attitude. (When you live in Pune, you ought to have that attitude!) I have completed 19 years in this city, but still can’t get enough of it. ‘Simple Living, High Thinking’ is what Pune’s culture is known for.

Other than this, I like Photography a lot. Capturing beautiful moments is where my heart finds peace in. I would be writing blogs related to photography and share the pics as well. “If you can read it, you can write it“, and that’s what I have inculcated this year. Reading more books made me addicted to it and so did force me into writing. Starting with nano-tales to writing articles and now I am here writing my first blog. I will do share my articles in my next blogs.

So I guess that’s it about me! I will surely come up with great articles after this (first) blog! Till then, c ya!


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