Finding Peace..



When you respect nature, it shows you what “Creativity” is!

Good Morning Boss, I request you to grant me 3 days holidays as I wish to have a break from the same tiresome routine.“, read his email’s first line. But then backspace showed another story. This is a familiar situation, isn’t it? Be it students or officers, hectic schedule has unknowingly ruled everyone’s life. And when it comes to Engineering students, Ufff!! Baat hi chhod do!

When our (SE) University Exams finally came to an end, an outing was must for reloading our mind for next semester! And when it is accompanied with friends, it’s like cherry on a pie! So we decided to visit a place which gave us silence to interact with our inner soul. And Panshet (A dam in Pune, India) it was! ~A destination which is truly blessed for the kind of beauty, silence and peace it offers!

We were for about 2 hours or less over there, for which the journey took close to an hour. I was looking forward to be patient with Myself first, that’s why I went there for. To be honest, the direct bright sunlight, warm-cold water waves, the immensely beautiful reflection of mountain with complimenting color of sky made the water smile a bit by depicting dimples in form of waves! The way in which that atmosphere made position in our hearts cannot be defined in words! If you wanna feel that, just close your eyes, imagine a burden of load getting off you while you are in rain(in form of Peace!) Felt it? Nah? Then you MUST visit the place and experience it! *wink*

Do share your thoughts and let me know what you feel about ‘the place’ or in way, ‘Finding Peace..’. Your views are more than welcomed! : )

Could this BE anymore awesome??

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