Multi-Tasking Campus Ambassador!

“Campus Ambassador!!” Big word, isn’t it? Well it’s much bigger than it actually sounds! I was in my first year of engineering when I first heard this word ‘Ambassador’ and the roles associated with it. And a kind of wind hit my head with the idea of becoming one.

  1. Campus Times Pune Ambassador

Another day, when I just woke from my nap, I had a WhatsApp message on my CR’s group, which read,

” We need few Photographers from Cummins College. Please contact the given number for more details.”

The only word which reverberated in my mind was ‘Photographers’. Without giving a second thought I reverted back! And I was given another number to contact to, asking for further details. Febin Benjamin was his name. I wondered for few seconds from which country will he be? Because I had never heard such name before. Difficult to remember the name, I saved his contact as ‘Photography Guy’. (Shitt.. He is going to read this now!) Ohk.. No issues, chillax Shivani!! So, I texted him about what was this exactly about. And he gave me my first assignment and a team of two girls. And it was a sixer on bouncer! My first ever article was published and was appreciated by EVERYONE! Reading through the lines of my own article, I reached at the bottom of the page to search for my name, written as, “Shivani Shinde, Campus Times Ambassador!” That line took my breath away. It was like, when you want a perfect start for Ambassador Program and you hit it off really well! Even today, words run out of my dictionary when I try to express that feeling!

Articles on Campus Times:

  1. 13 Snaps of Cummins College
  2. Dahi Handi at Cummins College
  3. Fresher’s Night at Cummins College



  1. EngineersConnect Campus Ambassador

            “Rishita Bansal invites you to MOZILLA Privacy and Security Workshop tomorrow at 9am“, read a text message which was reminder about the event I had registered before. The workshop was about MOZILLA and a hands-on workshop on Ethical hacking. I was new to the hacking thing, though I had heard the term before! The workshop covered all the topics in a systematic manner and in an interesting way. Ethical Hacking which was conducted by Bhushan Gaikwad, sparked an area of interest for me. Later on after the event, I texted the speaker reviewing the workshop. And there stood my next opportunity to be a Campus Ambassador for “EngineersConnect”, a start-up by Mr.Bhushan, where the website connects all the engineers, professors and companies as well. An awesome platform where you learn from provided tutorials, ask any doubts to professors directly and if any company employer finds your profile best suited for a job, they hire you directly! Isn’t it cool to get everything at once place? So, coming back to my point. When he asked me whether I was interested to be a CA for Cummins, I had no other valid point to avoid it. Since I had an experience of what all things have to be done as a CA, I agreed to be a part of it!

Profile updated. ‘Shivani Shinde, EngineersConnect Campus Ambassador’. As a part of CA program, I had to get maximum registrations from Cummins as my first task, where I managed to get about 500+ registrations and active users from my college! Phew! Didn’t realize the huge number! And today I stand here proudly, after arranging my first workshop on Ethical Hacking, executed successfully.

To visit the official site, click here -> EngineersConnect



Many people often ask me ‘How do you manage all this things? Technical events, non-technical stuff ? ‘ Answer? Adjective in the title of article! During our soft skills lab in college, we were asked to describe our-self with an adjective. And nothing in this world suits me more than ‘multitasking‘!  Not just because I do multiple things at a time, but I can ‘manage’ different things at same time. Whether it’s dance, studies, blogging, articles, internships, technical events or cultural ones! I do 10 things at a time! That’s what being a Campus Ambassador taught me,how to take responsibility when you are at a professional level. Thanks to every single person for this!

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