Working with a startup! – Nearoo


Nearoo: Experience your neighborhood.

Nearoo is a product of a start based in Pune, Intact Internet Pvt LTD.

Nearoo is an Android app that helps you to connect with your neighborhood.

Why is Nearoo different?

  • You can know about neighborhood upto 10km radius.
  • You can post your status,share amazing pictures, like them, comment on them and share them.
  • You can have followers on the App,you can message them etc.
  • You can have your own display pictures,cover pictures.
  • Our App also allows to posts Offers, Events in the additional section provided in the App.
  • You can get to know about the exciting places around your area to visit.

We are planning to release a lot more features to enhance the usability of the app.
The basic idea of the App is these days people are more into App worlds and have lost connection with their own neighborhood. So we have developed an App that connects you to all our neighborhood and get the updates of users around.

For all the students in Pune, (also if you know any student in Pune, pass this link to him orher) to be an intern at Nearoo, please click on this link and fill out the form -> Interns for Nearoo

For more information visit our website
If you want to be a part of startup and contribute to any domain, mail me on

Questions are welcomed! : )


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